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Shimaoka Lecture (Google/Bable Fish Translation)

My work pottery 50 year island Oka three 2001.6.13. From lecture extract

Island Oka which you introduce three is. As for this day being not to think you can open such splendid meeting, you were surprised. Solely, in 澤 it begins and the shade of everyone one and gratitude says.

1. To university graduation

When my personal history is said simply, it was born in traveling basket town of 1919 (1919 years) Tokyo Minato-ku. The father unites and we designate the string as occupation. Entering into the prefectural high school (predecessor of metropolitan university), of medium high consistency of pre-world war 2 old system when advancing to high course from the middle class section, you must choose science or literature. I do, the science and engineering がたい side being poor, when we would like to advance to literature course, being, but as for the father being the craftsman of former times, acquiring job to the hand important, as for the university the engineering department, therefore as for high school advanced to the science inevitably with science, with study suffered hardship.

Because pre-world war 2 old system high school the preparatory school of the university would like to see does with the thing, it studied fundamental thing. There is a ceramic ware, a glass and a cement et cetera in the ceramics, but because we are poor, to become for the engineer, you resolved that time for the first time it probably becomes the ceramic artist.

And it comes and the thing is chemical industry. Until industrial revolution occurs, it comes quickly and the thing is the case that it is advanced chemical industry. Basically it is the case that chemical thought is necessary. With the shade which receives the education 3 years with the institute of technology, those where unwittingly this kind of chemical thought is attached to the body and, now we appreciate deeply.

Accidentally, the new facility where at that time, you call to Tokyo Komaba the Japanese folk art mansion was possible, touched the folk art there. It touches simply here concerning the folk art.
There is a word, fine arts * technical art, but the fine arts are the picture and sculpture. The technical art is the instrument which the person uses. Technical art the famous writer exhausting technology according to requiring the beautiful people and the wealthy class, was said to that it is the object of craftwork whose those which were made are good.

However, willow sect rapture (effect even if) so is not, as for the technical art whose true meaning is correct, you insist with the instrument which the general populace uses in his own living, the among those there is a beauty of the technical art. It is the folk art theory which this is. This obtaining the approval of canoe birch group of that time, it became big fine arts motion.

The ceramics in the folk art are said the people pottery, but being something which was used in living of the general people poor ones, as you are not concerned even with the throwaway to that it does.
The among those is there a beauty with what thing?

As for that, the making hand which is called the manufacture person who does not have either name - - it is not the writer, but because it is the human, there is the latency consciousness that something it probably will make beautiful ones. Is, but it was not something which made beauty in purpose, it means that those which are useful to the life of the populace were made.

Furthermore life of the manufacture people is very healthy. Basis living healthily with healthy heart, has been about probably to make those which the people are easy to use. Because is, you use and the selfishness is good, when you express in current word, there is a functionality.

Then being something which the populace uses, because it does, you must make many, and being to be difficult to say, it does, but price must be easy. It means being beauty of the true technical art in those which satisfy such condition.

With the old instrument those of the new work are placed in this folk art mansion. The among those predecessor of the institute of technology, Jiro river well Hiroshi who is the senior before the warehouse, looking at the ceramics of two ones, Shoji Hamada, you were deeply impressed very.

I thought in field of folk art.

2. In Shoji Hamada pupil entering

I in the year when it enters into the university visited teacher/doctor Hamada in Masuko and we asked the pupil entering. At that time coming out of the university, the person that it probably becomes the ceramic artist, does being not to be. Art there is no ceramic art section large. It is about the Kyoto high technical art of predecessor of the Kyoto University of Industrial Art and Textile as a technical school. Coming out of the university, the person who intends ceramic art you permitted the pupil entering with every single thing and the junior of the school thing.

If from teacher/doctor Hamada, it becomes the ceramic artist, with the notion that where in summer vacation of 2 years it studied with Masuko study the lathe which is the basis of the ceramics.

The World War II started in 1941. At that time the technician must be employed to enterprise with allotment, it is the circumstance. If the principal plain farming 輔 (** main point verification) with, becomes the future ceramic artist, not knowing Kyoto, with the notion that where you say, pine wind industry (at that time in the insulator the most major company) you joined. Joining January with advance graduation, it is summoning and being on the register about of approximately 20 days in end of the month.

Becoming the soldier, you were dispatched in Burma. It was the serious severe battlefield. As for me as for big luck it is not, but being favored by small luck, 1946 years it could return home. Being length and others to obtain life at the battlefield, you think rest of life, we would like to do favorite thing from now on. As for me as for sibling 3 men being to be my one person, it succeeds occupation and must look at the trouble of the parents it is the standpoint, but the mother approving, in the permission of teacher/doctor Masuko's Hamada 3 years and the parents it went together with the pupil entering.

If the pupil entering you refer to former times, it is the case that it becomes apprentice public service. 3 pupils were. When it went to the permission of the teacher, as for being taught at the university wash away entirely. You remember that the thing is made with the body not to be the head with it means saying. Looking at that the teacher and the sibling child do, being to remember technology, it does.

3. Concerning Shoji Hamada

What was taught at the university when rear year you think of that, wash away entirely, is the personal history of teacher/doctor Hamada and the case that it is idea. E.g., the teacher coming out of before the warehouse, is researched the glaze between Jiro river well Hiroshi of the senior and 3 year in the Kyoto technical research institute, handles the glaze of approximately 10000, you have learned splendid technology.

After that being caused by the Barnard reach, 3 years, you build the oven of Japanese style over England, are surrounded in the ceramic artist and it meaning that those which are obtained in various ways are many, you do. Furthermore element clear and others it forces the English rural life and does with the thing.

After the returning home, and stand in the basis of coming ones and the returning っ る fold, seeking the life of countryside it moved to Masuko. And being to persist in the land, Masuko it does. While using Masuko's clay, using Masuko's firewood, using the oven of the Masuko wind, making Masuko's china it opened up the individual world.

Teacher/doctor Hamada is great one as a ceramic artist, but it is serious more splendid one as a human. 3 years was short period, but method of thinking the teacher was learned.

4. Independence

Because at that time the person that was the multitude, we would like to become the pupil of teacher/doctor Hamada, when the period when you call 3 years passed, it was expelled from the pupil. We would like to build the oven, but there is no fund. My house being to receive game disaster storing the parents oh with while saying, is gone with postwar inflation. Furthermore being to get married, unless the parent with temporary is good how long, teacher/doctor Hamada was employed to the ceramics guidance place of Tochigi prefecture. So far being not to have the fact that you make sen by your it does.

There being a restructuring 3 years, later retiring in the high-class person whose age is high, it came to the point of receiving. The retirement lump sum grant is incentive of 5 extras. At that time I do, being still to be young, but it stopped in one and simultaneous afterwards it becomes human national treasure, is.
And it becomes independent.

We would like to build the oven, but fund insufficiency the friend of the high school which is heard making the island Oka three sponsors, with the notion that where at sip thousand Yen high school, you approaching the homecoming of the school to elementary school from the university, it helps, gathering the fund about of 1000000 Yen. This and with the retirement lump sum grant of 5 extras it became independent in the at last thinking. At that time before everyone 30 years, as for putting out thousand Yen you think it was not easy. This is serious grateful thing.

When you reflect upon, the engineering department inserting in the parent compulsorily, with the shade which it receives can do fundamental study with the institute of technology with the notion that where, it became present island Oka three being supported in the friendship whose thing and class May To whom it could study with the permission of teacher/doctor Shoji thing, thing and Hamada which bear in the healthy body are thick, it continued work with the land of the ceramic industry, Masuko.

5. Invention of rope sentence

1953 years, becoming independent from now 50 years, ago it becomes the first oven. At that time there is no electric oven, a gas oven, or an oil oven et cetera and it is the ascending kiln which is kindled entirely with the firewood. With the similar ascending kiln, to use the same fuel, to use the same glaze, because what was learned is Shoji's all Hamada place, it is the case that Shoji's Hamada where the ceramics indeed are unskillful copy comes out. Mr. Hamada coming in degree of oven being present, without imitating the person, you mean that makes his own ones quickly, from the human whom you imitate the human who is imitated much is good. The folk art saying, to the last, because it is the private writer, you show personality and do not become the け れ. The oven it puts out and is said such to degree and somehow being, it does, but talent is insufficient. Whether how it should have done, you were troubled awfully. Before becoming independent accidentally, the work, my friend duplication of the ancient earthenware was begun. Duplication of the rope sentence earthenware or the March earthenware by junior high school and the fact that it probably will make in for the teaching aid of high school making prototype in Mr., Hamada you take in plaster mold. Same ones Sawayama is possible with this plaster mold. It meaning that I undertake the work of this mass production, it does When making the prototype, visiting many people, it went to study. The first person of the rope sentence earthenware, in that Mr. Tokyo University Yamanouchi being, asking to the place of the teacher, you taught the method of attaching the pattern of the rope sentence. In addition my father united and being to do the string, color it is it makes the uniting string of type make. With the clay forming in the vessel, the surface still while being soft, rolling that uniting string, when you attach the cavity, the rope sentence earthenware similar ones is possible. In this way, as for the robe it is the meaning which was changed. Shape of the basic body it cannot escape from Shoji's Hamada influence, but changing just the robe, those which are different is possible, beginning here, it means to be able to do your own ceramics, rope sentence earthenware. After passing for a while, Mishima of Japanese plum morning age of the Korean Peninsula (* main point verification) with there is a technique of inlaying which is said. This including the earth where color is different to the cavity of the body, when it starts shaving from after, becomes inlaying. Originally, it is the technique which is in the Empire of Korea era, but it became Japanese plum morning Mishima inlaying. Adopting this, starting, my rope sentence inlaying was possible. Painfully being something which comes to the complications being, it does. The oven to put out and the time Shoji Hamada seeing, when funny ones are were discovered, being praised, that from here it does not come and the う - with, does rope sentence inlaying. Simply, they are strong ones where the rope sentence earthenware of rope sentence age overflowed vital force very. I received technique, but by any means the rope sentence earthenware which has that バイタリティ my ceramics just a little are different. The ceramics character of that person, life, are something where then also the physique comes out. Because I am something whose character is weak, by any means any strong things is not possible, being to have lived with the strong land, but Masuko, there is no with something and influence appears. As for Masuko to be bright to, strong, and the emergency being it does. It can accept to society one technique, popularity comes out, when and it can sell well, when it becomes, if it curves, temporary over again it becomes rut. Simply, through if the happiness び you can do that, that is said that it is possible to be that. There are two types in the writer. As for reforming always, this year doing the one that one, being the same technique, next year and others and it is not, the type which investigates that is another. As for me is not to advance to character new technique and it started doing until now with the method the て, one of investigating your own road which is found. Now there is a gas oven, but not yet even, you do with the ascending kiln. The ascending kiln is not progressive excessively with the very old oven. It is the rational oven, but it meaning that difference of temperature is large it does. Being to burn the firewood, it changes delicately at the weather and temperature it is not possible to control completely. If you insert in the oven with that, with the notion that where, it leaves to the oven, it means outside help. Speaking conversely, with favoring the heaven and favoring the God, being the place where the big power which exceeds the ability of the human works, we work. Doing same ones, each time the oven every it puts out and the difference comes appearing. It is the word of Mr. Hamada, but if the work which is possible to work with whatever kind of countryside is done, it comes to receiving from the world, it means that without being by your to seek from the world. As for me as for the teacher saying we think that everything it is correct. We announce my work in all private exhibitions. The one coming to every private exhibition by all means is. Being supported in such general people, it came to today. 1996 (1996) the intangible cultural assets retention person (human national treasure) it could grant designation. It received gratefully as the praising beauty which well works. When you hear from after, that giving you applied this designation with effort of many people, it was thing. After the war from the foreign country, the person who from especially America comes to the study of the oriental china became many. At that time China comes to Japan with the notion that where useless, Korea still you say of course. Because Shoji Hamada is in Japan, many ones were visible with the notion that where, it probably will go to that place, me of the pupil who is in the vicinity interchange with the foreign country became many. With favor of 1 person among those and the teacher of the university of San Diego at the nice fine arts museum you held my reminiscence spreading/displaying from the September last year to the June this year. We exhibit the work of approximately 300 points. There is a seminar which is the pedigree which every year is held in Minneapolis. W, マッケンシー with care of the person who has been fascinated in the folk art, this year, you lectured in this seminar. The meeting place 500 full becomes the seat, 200 people who are not inserted at outside see with TV, furthermore 200 to it was the question prosperity which returns. Private exhibition in New York in July, in September is opened with Washington. In addition in September it exhibits in London JAPAN2001, but it is ever since パジャンフェステバル of 10 years ago. In England and the United States being to be able to accept the folk art with favor of Shoji and the Barnard reach Hamada, it does. The pupil is in me. Period with the notion that where has made 5 years in 3 years it is short. 5 years passing, we have begun writer activity. Not only you polishing your own skill, it means being the obligation which is conveyed to retrogression. Being one smell of the multitude truly, to be thick gratitude you say this day. (Applause) Island Oka three personal history It is born 1919 (1919) year October 27th Tokyo Minato-ku love 宕 as an eldest son of the braid teacher island Oka American good fortune which three generations continues in 2 Chome 30 addresses. 1939 (1939) year Tokyo Institute of Technology ceramics course entrance. Summer study of the lathe is begun in 、 Gifu prefecture inferior intellectual town. 1940 (1940) year summer to visit 濱 rice field Shoji in 、 Masuko and to be permitted the enrollment after the graduating, one summer stay. 1941 (1941) because of year December 、 Pacific war advance graduation. 1943 (1943) it goes to war to year Burma, receives termination of war at the locale. 1946 (1946) after the year June demobilizing it is under the 濱 rice field Shoji gate. 1950 (1950) duty to year April Tochigi prefecture ceramics guidance place. 1953 (1953) you retire the year ceramics guidance place, provide the house and the oven in Masuko. 1954 (1954) to kindle the year March first oven, in April Tokyo first private exhibition. 1962 (1962) at year Japanese folk art mansion new work spreading/displaying the Japanese folk art mansion prize prize winning. 1964 (1964) year summer the 、 being caused, the Canadian 、 America at 3 month visits 、 every place private exhibition and guidance. - - - From now on at the every place in Europe and America many time such as private exhibition 、 lecture - - - - 1933 (1996) it is recognized in the year important intangible cultural assets retention person. 1934 (1999) year Agency for Cultural Affairs plan production technical technical documentary "folk art china (rope sentence inlaying) - three わ ざ completion decoration Isao island Oka" four and the like Asahi day small prize winning Postscript: The photograph the Tokyo Institute of Technology engineering department Saeki 淳 is due to offer. The manuscript which is caused from the VTR the old circle, correction received in the medium 澤 both person, you revised lastly in island Oka. The fact that it can do this lecture gist with many people is recorded.

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