Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Itaya Hazan: Hamada's Teacher.

Itaya Hazan: born 1872, Shimodate, Japan died 1963, Shimodate

After studying sculpture at the Tokyo Fine Arts School, Itaya graduated in 1894 and then studied ceramics, building a kiln in Tokyo in 1904. In 1953 he received the Bunka Kunsho (“Order of Culture”). Itaya's most famous works include a pot decorated with flowers in bright glaze.Hazan is considered Japan's first studio potter who started the way of the individual potter in Japan. He worked in classical Chinese inspired designs creating delicate porcelains.
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At 6:09 PM, Blogger Lindsay Loo said...

Hi Lee!
I am writing a thesis and one of the artists I discuss is Itaya Hazan. I am unable to locate many sources on Hazan and am wondering what sources you used for your description of Hazan's works? Or where I might be able to look for more info on him?? Thanks!


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